Philodendron Selloum – Rojo Congo


  • Keep soil moist in the growing season and drier in Winter.
  • Philodendron enjoy moderate to bright light, however not direct sunlight.
  • Plants need well drained soil. Fertilise fortnightly.
Philodendron are a real crowd pleaser with their fabulous tropical foliage. The Rojo Congo have large glossy statement leaves with tones of dark green and deep burgundy.

Pot diameter: 14cm – Cover Pot Not Included.

Light levels: Tolerant of many light levels but this plant does prefer to be in brightly, well-lit spaces. It can tolerate mild shade but won’t thrive.

Watering: This plant will cope better on the dryer side as opposed to having its roots constantly in water. It is best to keep the soil lightly moist and let the surface soil dry out before re-watering.

Feeding: Use a liquid fertiliser every month in spring and summer.

Growth: These plants can grow up to three meters in height and they are quick growing plants.

Toxicity: The Imperial green is considered to be toxic so be sure to keep it away from children and pets and take care when handling.

Air purifying: A wonderful air purifying plant to help eliminate any toxins in the home.